Take Your Time: If Your Life Is ‘Perfect’, You’ve Got Nowhere To Go

26 October 2017
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Last night my mind went wild – this created an interesting new thought.

Ok, yes, it could have been because of my medium-to-heavy drinking. My utterly bad lifestyle, stress from university, and so on – yet I stand by my conclusion even during my hangover today.

So, my booze-epiphany – booziphany, if you will – was this: Human beings are meant to suffer. We’re meant to live difficult lives. Yes, some lives are objectively more difficult than others. But even the people we perceive as living “the good life” have problems.

The moment we find comfort in our daily routine is the moment we get bored, and somewhat attract drama to balance it. Off course this isn’t for everyone but as we need to believe Paulo Coelho, it is a fancy matter for the majority of us. Now, we need to be careful with how we define suffering. I am not talking about the physical pain, nope. We are talking about the suffering individuals create for themselves. Forget about killing their livers with bottles of whisky’s. People will forever suffer simply because suffering is in their nature – they will find a way to pity themselves, just a way to feel the anguish.

Most of our suffering comes from everyday disappointments, friction in our relationships, and the occasional unpleasant surprise that life manages to toss at us. Some of you will argue that these sorts of things shouldn’t even be called suffering. You’re right. We would be better off if we didn’t allow the most trivial things to cause us pain. But who are we kidding? We’ll always be bothered by little things, like not being able to find a parking spot and arriving late to work, or waking up and being disappointed that the weatherman got it wrong again. (It’s not warm and sunny; it’s cold and wet.)

People get excited when they imagine their expectations being met. When it doesn’t happen, they’re disappointed. But what you need to understand is that we will always find a way to suffer – no matter how many issues we solve, how comfortable we make ourselves, or how calm our lives become. We experience the world relatively. Anything is only as good or as bad as everything else that we’ve already experienced. Because you consider your personal reality to be the only one of importance, your lows are bad only because they’re your experience of what “low” is. The same goes for your highs.

If your life were perfect, you’d have nowhere to go in life. You’d have nothing that you felt you needed to do or accomplish. You’d have no needs or wants. Sure – without the idea of perfection, you couldn’t suffer. But perfection is impossible, and suffering is inevitable. But here’s the good news: You’ll be fine. You’ll manage. You’ll live your life and, as long as you’re wise, you’ll live it well and happy.

As always, xx V.

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Are You Who You Think You Are?

14 August 2017
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I am going to start this piece off by telling you something that you may not want to hear. I truly believe, however, that if you are open and receptive to this idea, it will change your life for the better >>

You are exactly where you are in life solely because of the way you think.

You may be rich, middle class, poor, fit, unhealthy, in a career you love, in a job you hate, etc. The one determining factor of your circumstances is your way of thinking. It’s the only reason why you are where you are. The only person you have to blame for your success or failure in life is yourself. I know some of you may not want to hear that, but it’s true. I know we all have our problems to deal with, but if you blame your circumstances, or anything that’s out of your control, for your problems, its up to those circumstances to change in order for you to be happy. With that way of thinking, you have no power over those situations, and ultimately you have no power over your life.

Now I’m not saying that you can just wish for success and it will be given to you, because we all do that. Everybody wishfully thinks of the life they want to live, yet so few of us actually attain it. What I’m talking about is a profound and lasting change in your attitude towards life, being able to stay positive and resilient throughout any kind of situation; this is the way of thinking that can, and will, change you for the better.

Your thoughts lead your actions. All of your habits are birthed from thought, and these habits are what lead to behaviours, and those behaviours are what shape your circumstances in life. An example: your job is solely underneath your level, meaning that you aren’t making the kind of money that you feel you deserve. You blame the economy; blame your employer, or whomever else you can for your position in life. Because you have these negative thoughts – you start slacking off at work, because after all, this job is beneath you so why would you try hard? These behaviours make it so that you never advance.

In order to change anything that’s on the outside you have to start by making changes within yourself. Some people will wish for a better life but they never strive to make themselves better, and they wonder why their life isn’t going anywhere. Life isn’t “doing” anything to you, it’s responding to the energy you put out. If you fail to realize this, then you will continue to fail in life.

If you want to find a way out of your circumstances start first with yourself, and you will see your life blossom. Surround yourself with people that reflect positive energy to you, take notes and learn. Before you know it, you will be exactly who you WANT to be, profoundly and proud.

As always, xx V.

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A letter to myself

1 August 2017

I believe serendipity is the favorite word of my best friend. Translated – to not look nor seek for things that you are longing for, as lot will find you. Not that you don’t genuinely deserve it, but at times hope can truly be a destructive thing, so let’s free fall and let luck be on your side. Sometimes when you want something – expect something – there is a distinctive greed that you’re unaware of. And without noticing you will find yourself in a typhoon, a voracity spiral, wanting more and more. What I always wonder is «are we reflecting ourselves to the tension and complexities of our contemporary society.» Well, who knows?

As I’ve blown my 24 candles, I’d came to realize – one of the most important thing in life is to not always wanting to know why. How and why certain things happen, why people behaved the way that they did – or why things didn’t work out. The harder you think, the little less you actually know, you tend to fill it in with your own perception – as life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts. Leaving the retro perspective: simply black and white. Life is actually really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. If you live long enough, you’ll make mistakes. But if you learn from them, you’ll be a better person. It’s how you handle adversity, not how it affects you. The main thing is to not be too harsh on yourself, but to thrive and to be bold. Never miss an opportunity to let your brilliance shine and dazzle. Take that chance. Accept the challenge, or if the challenge doesn’t arise, make it your own challenge.

I believe that everything you can dream of – if only you set your mind to it – can become reality. Don’t settle for mediocrity, find a dream and pursue it. You are the main character of your own book; make it worthwhile as you might surprise yourself with hidden talents. Life is far from perfect, and you will fall a hundred or a million of times. I’ve heard many no’s – got knocked over by past friendships, relationships, desired jobs. But I’ve never stopped and always pulled myself up by my bootstraps. You need to because no one else will do it for you. And even though, at that time everything felt gloomy, you need to remember – when it’s the right time, things will fall perfectly in place.

It’s crazy when they say: when you get older you get wiser. And no, I am not old but that myth is so true. And realizing that will only make you value the elderly more. We can’t plan life, life just happens. All we can do is to be available for it. Have a genuine interest in all the little details of daily life, appreciate them – there might just lay the secret of happiness.

As always,
xo xo V.



20 July 2017

How I’d enjoyed shooting this outfit! The vibrant colors in the back color my soul with such happiness. I simply can’t explain! My wardrobe portraits me perfectly – the combination of fun prints, vivid colors and exciting silhouettes.

32Checkered. We have seen this trend passing the revue a few years ago – now it’s hot and happening again. Todays outfit is a print-on-print ensemble and despite the obviousness of the print – matching it with the right accessories will make it look very sophisticated. The top has a fun haltered neckline with frills at the base, you can see these ruches coming back in the trousers. To spice up the monotone print I have added some seasonal colors – off course my favorite: yellow and a tad of burgundy. Et voilà, a white blazer on top and I am ready for my week!

5444Wishing you all an UTMOST beautiful day!

ZARA Checkered Top & Heels |  TOPSHOP Pantalon  |  BARONG BARONG Jewellery

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It’s Not The Looks, Nor The Money; Here’s What She’s Really Looking For In A Man

18 July 2017
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Have you ever walked by a couple and thought, “That guy MUST be sh*tloaded.”?

There are plenty of guys out there that date out of their league – some way, way out of their league. And yes, some of them are millionaires, and others were horses in a past life, but many of these guys are what you’d call average. Subjectively. Or at least they appear to be to outsiders.

The fact is that no one ever really dates outside of their league. The issue is that most of us don’t understand how to properly calculate what league people belong in – themselves included. We often take a look at a person, take their measurements, look at their symmetry, their sexual appeal, and we place them into a league. Truly, there is way more to attract than the way someone looks on the outside. Sure, some of us are very shallow individuals, and look for nothing more than a pretty face and a tight ass. The problem with this is that we inevitably become unhappy with the relationship.

How? Sooner or later that ‘goodlooking’ layer wears off, and we will get to know him or her for who he or she truly is. They may be attractive on the outside, but everything else about them – their character, their beliefs, their dreams, their lifestyle – isn’t up to pair. That’s why someone can look perfect on paper, but is incompatible with you. All of a sudden, that ten becomes a five. What’s important to remember is a man or woman that looks like a ten, could actually be in a much lower league. Just as someone who looks like a five in appearance, could actually be what you call a diamond in the rough.

So when you’re seeing that happy couple consisting of an incredibly beautiful woman and an average guy – or vice versa – they’re most likely in the same league. They probably have the same norms and values – hopes and dreams – suitably aligned. However, ever since cavemen times we have developed a certain kind of preference (determined by our DNA) – that is – that we ought to put traits such like strength, virility, and likelihood of survival high in our standards.

Yet, nothing is more attractive to a woman then a man who’s successful. Just to be precisely: NOT in cash. But in whatever he undertakes. A man who can take her out and show her the world, what pushes her buttons more than anything, is a man who she believes will stay atop of the food chain – giving her new adventures and experiences.

In the end, everyone wants to lead a happy life and look for that compatible – Bonnie-to-my-Clyde – partner. So next time when you meet a guy “don’t judge the book by its cover”. And it’s really not about the big things, but the details.

As always, xx V.

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Appreciating things that didn’t work out in life

10 July 2017

I had came to realize. Many things in my life didn’t work out the way I have planned for myself. Life – the most ugly and most beautiful thing in the universe. By nature, all living things are imperfect. Every living thing meets its end sooner or later – even the universe itself will tear apart and, one day, die.

I have lived my life by constantly making mistakes, constantly faltering and changing the path and directions of life. And yes, I have screwed it up, immensely, deeply and hurtfully. It’s failing miserably over and over again that will allow you to succeed. It’s struggling and losing that will allow you to prosper and find happiness.

Everything in your life must have happened in order for you to exist – every single, little thing. You would not be the exact same person if any of your past experiences were different. The greatest moments of clarity in your life will come when you look back at your journey and conclude that it was all-necessary and that it’s all beautiful.


That moment you realize if you hadn’t failed miserably, you would have never learned your lesson.

People fail all the time – often failing multiple times at the very same things. Failing is one of the greatest things in the world, as it reminds us how imperfect we are. It reminds us how much we need to learn in order to become the people we wish to be.

Some of your largest failures in life will become your greatest assets. Some day you will realize that if you had never failed, then you would have never succeeded.


That moment you realize that a broken heart has changed your life forever.

A broken heart – what can I say? I haven’t been the same person ever since. It changed the fabric of my being and I have turned into an entirely different person.

A broken heart is one of the most emotionally debilitating experiences in the world, just a matter of time until you fall into uncountable broken pieces, these which will built your empire. Turning you into this independent power woman, you never experienced yourself to be. It can be a brutal misery, but believe me when I tell you that it’s a necessary one.


That moment you realize your “dream job” was never really your dream job.

It takes some people longer than others to arrive at their purpose in life. Because what exactly is your purpose in life? To become successful and rich or have an ordinary life but feeling immensely happy? What is it that we as human beings crave for? And in which proportions do we feel satisfied and content?

I had my PR internship working for Tiffany & Co. and M.A.C. Cosmetics, and though it was more than I could ever wish for. It crossed my mind: was this the so-called dream job? Experiencing that moment of realization, was something empowering, because you know that there is something more, something greater, waiting for us.


That moment you realize your best friends aren’t your friends at all.

Throughout life, we go through more friends than we go through pairs of jeans. Most of the people we once thought would be there to support us will one day abandon ship and leave us to drown.

Realizing that someone who you thought was your good friend is actually no friend at all is one of the most important lessons of your life. You’ll realize that it’s better not to have any friends at all than to have impostors. And those friends who are your true friends you’ll learn to appreciate even more.


That moment you realize your world just fell apart entirely, and you’re still standing.

Life is incredibly complex – I’m not even talking about life as a whole, but each of our personal lives. There are so many aspects and so many details that make up who we are as individuals that it can be nearly impossible to hold everything together.

I got to be honest – life is just way too hard at times and sometimes things are meant to fall apart and break. Sometimes the life you are leading is so far from the life you are meant to be living that losing everything is the only way you can make it out on top.

The moment you realize that not even loss itself can stop you, that sadness, despair, anger and fear cannot hold you back, is the moment you become perfect. Perfectly flawed, but perfect nonetheless.

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12 June 2017

If I could choose one superman power, I would totally love to travel in time. How my heart skips a beat every time my eyes cross those old classic cars – like a Mustang or a Cadillac from the 50s. That’s probably my dream car a 1959 Cadillac de Ville, with tailfins, stunning windshields, perfectly polished in metallic pink. How I would cruise around in it, let’s say in 1965 along the seaside with Johnny Cash or Billie Holiday on the background, singing along and enjoying whatever life had to offer. Not to forget how incredibly rebellious women were back then – feministic, sassy, sophisticated and upon elegant. It intrigues my old soul, and how ecstatic I feel that the fashion that is passing our revue right now is reflecting my favorite retro looks.

32Someone once called me the queen of the jumpsuits. I just can’t get over the simplicity yet stylish look of it. I adore it, plus it saves you a lot of time in the morning to think of any outfit combinations. Win-win situation if you ask me. Todays outfit is very 50s, as it’s sexy, sassy and very elegantly due to the deep V and neckline. Plus no one will ever go wrong with a burgundy color as chic is written all over it! To give the outfit the needed character I’ve combined it with a pair of color blocking white and yellow stilettos. Finishing touch: some dazzling orange earrings, just because it’s my all-time favorite color!

4Hope you guys enjoyed todays look, have a beautiful day!

TOPSHOP Jumpsuit & Earrings | ZARA Stilettos 

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Why It Is Harder For Smart And Independent Women To Find Love

28 May 2017

LOVE – a four letter word – it can kill you or safe you.

When we were younger, we could fall in love much easier. It came naturally and it was simple – as we get older, love gets complicated. It becomes more complex, more intricate and MUCH more delicate. Falling in love nowadays often feel impossible as letting go of past loves seem even harder. Have you ever questioned yourself, why the hell is that? As a hopeless romantic and a true pessimist, I believe that falling in love is partly a decision. Love isn’t magical on its own; we make it magical. With age, that magic fades. Life’s magic fades, too.

And of course, how much the magic fades depends on the person in front of you. Have you noticed that Disney movies always have a vague end? The kind of magic, where we accept the answers – by actually not knowing the answer – as it keeps us content. I believe this is partially why love loses its magical qualities over time as the more intelligent we become, the less there is to wonder. The more we actually understand love – by break ups or the role we’ve encountered – the harder it is to find love again. Also, in order to fall in love, you need to feel that you need love. Because if you don’t believe you need or deserve love, you’ll reject it — whether consciously or subconsciously.

“Independence – unnoticeably – ruins our relationships”

Look around you. Some people break up even when things are (seemingly) going good. The reason behind it is actually very simple: they want independence. Understandable that in your honeymoon phase you want to be with one another 24/7, but I believe that eventually everyone needs some time for him- or herself. When two people enter a relationship, they give up some of their independence in order to have a loving and caring partnership. And it’s a beautiful thing — it really is. But the more independent you are, the more likely you are to feel suffocated. People often feel suffocated when their partner has different ideas about the level of independence “allowed” in the relationship.

When one person is significantly more independent than the other, the relationship is going to become messy. The least independent person is going to try and cling on to the more independent as hard as he or she can, while the independent person will do his or her best to get some breathing room. One feels hurt, and the other feels smothered. Enough said, right? Find someone that has similar requirements in terms of independence, surely you guys will be more compatible then!

“Intelligence – simply because we always wonder – the what if’s”

In life – we’ve learned to do math, or science or literature. But we were never taught how to love – no classes nor textbook that was dedicated to it. We go into love blind. It’s a natural phenomenon, but we don’t learn how to do it properly, as we follow our instincts. Loving is arguably the most important thing people do in life. But yet, our parents never taught us how to do it properly. So what happens when the most intelligent people on this planet experience love? They question it.

They want to better understand it, explore it and test it. And such like any math problem, trying to figure out the problem – intensity – of love, it can drive you crazy. Love, therefor can be a destructive thing, exampled by figures such like Cleopatra. And the more intelligent you are, the more bewildered you will be by the way our world understands and portrays love. Because love centers on emotion, as smart people view things very analytically, it’s not easy for them to find and keep it. The emotions will send this person on an anxious tailspin.

If you’re looking for a philosophy on love, you simply need to find one — or you need to accept the truth that you aren’t willing to face. Love isn’t magical on its own. We make it magical. It’s all in our heads.

As always, xx V.



2 May 2017

“Vivi you look so happy, how is life?”, is what my good friend asked me last night – it was my first night back in Amsterdam and instead of feeling gutted that my holiday had ended, I felt extremely lucky to be back home. You know what they say? Home is where the heart is and for a long time I had no idea where mine was but now I can confidently say that my heart belongs to Amsterdam. I think I finally came to a point where I feel eased which resulted into being content and blissful. Life is very challenging and it is a certain determination of yourself of how your want to percept and establish it.

30VC_20150710_0438_1063Playful in washed out grey, fringed up and sleeveless. An extremely casual yet stylish look that is lively due to its silhouette and fringes. Depending on how you combine it, you can make it as classy or bohemian alike as you want. I have chosen to stay as close as possible to my own style – feminine and chic but with a whiff of urban. Hence to match it I have chosen a statement necklace with grey tones this to emphasis the neckline and make it more exciting. I’ve combined it with my favourite Ava messenger in Dusty Rose as it compliments the necklace and the outfit. To complete my look of the day I am wearing a nickel coloured killer stiletto!

3332Wishing you all a beautiful and mostly relaxing Sunday!

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1 February 2017

Oftentimes, we settle for what we think is right, acceptable and safe. We are so dominated by the idea of staying because change inevitably scares many of us. Somehow I can relate to this, especially when your life is nearly perfect and all mapped out. Though, life keeps surprising me – when I thought I had it all, I got punched real hard – all the things that were safe to me, that I worked so hard for – slipped out of my hands. I felt stranded – I had no plan B, but little did I know that it was exactly what I needed. To gain new insights and to start spreading my wings again. Beauty and happiness is around every corner, the only thing you need to do is to seize it.

2 VC_20160630_0305_3851So, for the ones that know me well – I am not the typical black on black dresser. This on the contrary (!) as my wardrobe is full of colours, prints and flowers. But just like everyone else, I have days where I feel like I just want to go all black. Especially when I have something serious, or want to make a professional impression. Todays outfit is not particular professional, but its very sexy and elegant at the same time. I’m wearing a choker bodysuit with an open back, because it’s so racy I have tried to keep it classy with a high wait culotte. Just some simple nude coloured strapped heels and I am ready for a sassy date!

1 VC_20160630_0350_3896Have a beautiful Sunday all!

MISSGUIDED Choker Body & Gladiator Heels


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