27 September 2016

J O Y.

“She danced until the sun came up – her hair was wild, as her velvet lips marked the cigarette she smoked. Her being was tied together with a whisky filled mind and a mouth hollow from one too many cigarettes. A dainty mess, but how raw she was. Humming – singing songs of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash as her lips would gently curl up.”

How excited I am to share my new chapter with you guys, finally after writing for several years I am going to pursuit my dream of writing a novel. I can’t believe it, as I’m surprising myself with it (!) – never thought of becoming a writer when I was a kiddo. Yet, the beautiful way of writing stories, selecting the perfect words, intrigue me – makes me fall in love. A little spoiler above. My book will be a modern philosophical roman – reflecting the rawness of love and life. Any inspiration is welcome, so if you have a mindblowing story – please don’t hesitate to message me! :)) Everything is more then welcome! ♡

2 Todays outfit is undoubtedly one of my favourite looks! This one piece is so extremely convenient, especially when I’m in a rush or lacking inspiration. It’s both chic and sophisticated due to the flared legs and the accentuated waistline. Also when it comes to navy, it’s always good. I’ve once written an article about how people percept you – this inspired by the colour you’re wearing. So, apparently if you wear navy – you look trustworthy and reliable. Sounds like a win-win situation if you ask me! To make my outfit more fun I’m wearing a choker that matches beautifully with my burgundy red bag! And shoes? Well, as ALWAYS – killer stiletto’s ;))


Wishing you all a stunning day!

ZARA Jumpsuit & Heels | MICHAEL KORS Daniella Bag

Pictures by: Visual Creature

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