2 May 2017

“Vivi you look so happy, how is life?”, is what my good friend asked me last night – it was my first night back in Amsterdam and instead of feeling gutted that my holiday had ended, I felt extremely lucky to be back home. You know what they say? Home is where the heart is and for a long time I had no idea where mine was but now I can confidently say that my heart belongs to Amsterdam. I think I finally came to a point where I feel eased which resulted into being content and blissful. Life is very challenging and it is a certain determination of yourself of how your want to percept and establish it.

30VC_20150710_0438_1063Playful in washed out grey, fringed up and sleeveless. An extremely casual yet stylish look that is lively due to its silhouette and fringes. Depending on how you combine it, you can make it as classy or bohemian alike as you want. I have chosen to stay as close as possible to my own style – feminine and chic but with a whiff of urban. Hence to match it I have chosen a statement necklace with grey tones this to emphasis the neckline and make it more exciting. I’ve combined it with my favourite Ava messenger in Dusty Rose as it compliments the necklace and the outfit. To complete my look of the day I am wearing a nickel coloured killer stiletto!

3332Wishing you all a beautiful and mostly relaxing Sunday!

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CHANEL Earrings | Pictures by: Visual Creature



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