1 May 2017

How I’d enjoyed shooting this outfit! The vibrant colors in the back color my soul with such happiness. I simply can’t explain! My wardrobe portraits me perfectly – the combination of fun prints, vivid colors and exciting silhouettes.

32Checkered. We have seen this trend passing the revue a few years ago – now it’s hot and happening again. Todays outfit is a print-on-print ensemble and despite the obviousness of the print – matching it with the right accessories will make it look very sophisticated. The top has a fun haltered neckline with frills at the base, you can see these ruches coming back in the trousers. To spice up the monotone print I have added some seasonal colors – off course my favorite: yellow and a tad of burgundy. Et voilà, a white blazer on top and I am ready for my week!

5444Wishing you all an UTMOST beautiful day!

ZARA Checkered Top & Heels |  TOPSHOP Pantalon  |  BARONG BARONG Jewellery

MICHAEL KORS Bradshaw Watch  |  GIVENCHY Crossbody Bag

Pictures by: Visual Creature



7 March 2017

The smell of spring has given us a little savour of blossoming bliss. I felt caught up yesterday as the sky reflected the ocean beautifully – whilst the sun was smothering me with adoring sunkisses. I couldn’t get enough, I felt myself longing. Longing for the rich spring breeze, inhaling the smell or flourishing flowers and having myself an excuse to wear them dainty colours. Despite the fact that we’re still forbearing winter, I simply couldn’t retain myself of changing my wardrobe into something more colourful and romantic. ♡

3VC_20160823_0027_9023Style. What would you call style? I honestly don’t think it’s about the clothes you see – but the way someone walks, talks and most importantly, the confidence all create style. Someone who wears her attires and owning the whole look like it was made for her!

Todays outfit is a mix of various SS17 trends. From flared pipes to yellow tones and off course the classic trench coat. I’m always late, which leaves me with no other choice than to obey my intuition – YES, to grab random clothes together – hoping it’s well combined. Crazy thing is, whenever I do that it’s usually even better then when I take my time to match outfits. As you guys might have guessed, this outfit is one of them. My 80s flared pants, retro printed – on top, an embellished gold top. Somehow I felt like the colours were matched monotonously, therefor I matched it with my yellow trench coat. This definitely adds the playfulness to it! Some gold accessories to match the top, et voilà!

VC_20160823_0014_901122Have a BEAUTIFUL day all!

ZARA Embellished Top & Trenchcoat |  TOPSHOP Wide-leg Trousers  |  BARONG BARONG Earrings

MISSGUIDED High Heels  |  CÉLINE Grained Calfskin Belt-bag

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1 February 2017

Oftentimes, we settle for what we think is right, acceptable and safe. We are so dominated by the idea of staying because change inevitably scares many of us. Somehow I can relate to this, especially when your life is nearly perfect and all mapped out. Though, life keeps surprising me – when I thought I had it all, I got punched real hard – all the things that were safe to me, that I worked so hard for – slipped out of my hands. I felt stranded – I had no plan B, but little did I know that it was exactly what I needed. To gain new insights and to start spreading my wings again. Beauty and happiness is around every corner, the only thing you need to do is to seize it.

2 VC_20160630_0305_3851So, for the ones that know me well – I am not the typical black on black dresser. This on the contrary (!) as my wardrobe is full of colours, prints and flowers. But just like everyone else, I have days where I feel like I just want to go all black. Especially when I have something serious, or want to make a professional impression. Todays outfit is not particular professional, but its very sexy and elegant at the same time. I’m wearing a choker bodysuit with an open back, because it’s so racy I have tried to keep it classy with a high wait culotte. Just some simple nude coloured strapped heels and I am ready for a sassy date!

1 VC_20160630_0350_3896Have a beautiful Sunday all!

MISSGUIDED Choker Body & Gladiator Heels


VINTAGE Earrings | MICHAEL KORS Bradshaw Watch

Pictures by: Visual Creature


You’re Not Afraid Of The Future, But You’re Scared Of Repeating The Past

16 December 2016

L I F E.

An immense irrational rollercoaster – which, I believe will continuously challenge you. There might not be many of us who have the courage to admit this, but life is scary. A journey that dares you to face your own falters – vulnerabilities – and puts a mirror in front of you. For some of us, fear causes us to search, to create, grow and connect. For others – to lash out, maim and destroy. Some just spend their entire lives running away from it to only spend their lives living in it.

Today, I know myself better then anyone else – what I want, who I am and what I have to offer. But this hasn’t always been the case. I use to linger in my own negative thoughts – thoughts I know now are all subjective, created by my past. A past that took me to places darker then I’ve ever encountered, a weight heavier then I could carry.

“Depression is my Saturday mornings turning into Mondays and Mondays evolving into impossible. It is the ringing of an alarm every hour of the day. It is the sun rising while darkness sets in the stomach. It is my body is awake but my mind is tired with heaviness. It is having too much to carry, even when my arms appear empty. Depression is not a beautiful sadness tied together with a whisky filled mind and a mouth hollow from too many cigarettes. It’s not a bed of roses. It’s not romantic nor kind. It’s the snake in the bush that watching you building yourself up again piece-by-piece for him to then attack you again.”  (25 November, 2013 )

A piece I wrote three years ago – remarkably the last sentence. Where I express my fear for the future, making it holding me back. The past weighs heavily upon many of us. We often come to see it as a burden – something we must carry along with us everywhere we go. The past was a point in time, an exit we either took or missed. Let go of the past. Because the truth is, you don’t need it. Let alone, bringing it into the future – making the same mistakes.

The key is to letting each situation be what it is instead of what you think it should be. Sometimes we fall down because there is something down there we’re supposed to find. And don’t look at fear as something negative. Fear is meant to help you. So, fear your past. Let it move you. Allow it to make you try new things, to do things you never imagined. Let it drive you towards something better, something that makes you truly happy.

As always, xx V.



29 November 2016

Fall has arrived and the autumn leaves are changing their vivid colours. Lately, I’ve been noticing all the little things – how beautiful the yellow toned leaves fall gracefully – or how the sunset dew sets around late noon. It’s always such a setback to change seasons, especially from warm to cold. But instead of feeling like that, I’ve tried to change my thoughts around it – and once I’ve accepted it – it’s so cosy and romantic. You just want to be around all those special people and spread love like there’s no tomorrow. Cause, hey! It’s VERY cold this autumn, so we better keep one another loved up!

32-copyMerlot red, who doesn’t like it? Doesn’t matter what skin tone you are, it gives everyone this gorgeous warm blushed tone. Todays off-shoulder top reminds me of Jasmine from Aladdin due to the flared cutting, and who doesn’t LOVE Jasmine? Not me! I really wanted to create a romantic and soft look – therefor I have chosen to wear a pink flushed culotte. By combining the sexy top with a more conserved pantalon, the look will appear more sophisticated and stylish. And it might be a bit too cold for the stilettos, I simply couldn’t resist not taking them! Nudes for LIFE! 1

Wishing you all an UTMOST beautiful day!

MISSGUIDED Bardot Crop Top  |  TOPSHOP Culotte  |  BARONG BARONG Earrings

PUBLIC DESIRE Perspex High Heels  |  CÉLINE Grained Calfskin Belt-bag

Pictures by: Visual Creature


Why It Is Harder For Smart And Independent Women To Find Love

15 November 2016

LOVE – a four letter word – it can kill you or safe you.

When we were younger, we could fall in love much easier. It came naturally and it was simple – as we get older, love gets complicated. It becomes more complex, more intricate and MUCH more delicate. Falling in love nowadays often feel impossible as letting go of past loves seem even harder. Have you ever questioned yourself, why the hell is that? As a hopeless romantic and a true pessimist, I believe that falling in love is partly a decision. Love isn’t magical on its own; we make it magical. With age, that magic fades. Life’s magic fades, too.

And of course, how much the magic fades depends on the person in front of you. Have you noticed that Disney movies always have a vague end? The kind of magic, where we accept the answers – by actually not knowing the answer – as it keeps us content. I believe this is partially why love loses its magical qualities over time as the more intelligent we become, the less there is to wonder. The more we actually understand love – by break ups or the role we’ve encountered – the harder it is to find love again. Also, in order to fall in love, you need to feel that you need love. Because if you don’t believe you need or deserve love, you’ll reject it — whether consciously or subconsciously.

“Independence – unnoticeably – ruins our relationships”

Look around you. Some people break up even when things are (seemingly) going good. The reason behind it is actually very simple: they want independence. Understandable that in your honeymoon phase you want to be with one another 24/7, but I believe that eventually everyone needs some time for him- or herself. When two people enter a relationship, they give up some of their independence in order to have a loving and caring partnership. And it’s a beautiful thing — it really is. But the more independent you are, the more likely you are to feel suffocated. People often feel suffocated when their partner has different ideas about the level of independence “allowed” in the relationship.

When one person is significantly more independent than the other, the relationship is going to become messy. The least independent person is going to try and cling on to the more independent as hard as he or she can, while the independent person will do his or her best to get some breathing room. One feels hurt, and the other feels smothered. Enough said, right? Find someone that has similar requirements in terms of independence, surely you guys will be more compatible then!

“Intelligence – simply because we always wonder – the what if’s”

In life – we’ve learned to do math, or science or literature. But we were never taught how to love – no classes nor textbook that was dedicated to it. We go into love blind. It’s a natural phenomenon, but we don’t learn how to do it properly, as we follow our instincts. Loving is arguably the most important thing people do in life. But yet, our parents never taught us how to do it properly. So what happens when the most intelligent people on this planet experience love? They question it.

They want to better understand it, explore it and test it. And such like any math problem, trying to figure out the problem – intensity – of love, it can drive you crazy. Love, therefor can be a destructive thing, exampled by figures such like Cleopatra. And the more intelligent you are, the more bewildered you will be by the way our world understands and portrays love. Because love centers on emotion, as smart people view things very analytically, it’s not easy for them to find and keep it. The emotions will send this person on an anxious tailspin.

If you’re looking for a philosophy on love, you simply need to find one — or you need to accept the truth that you aren’t willing to face. Love isn’t magical on its own. We make it magical. It’s all in our heads.

As always, xx V.


Why We ALWAYS Choose The Bad Boy Instead Of The Nice Guy

9 October 2016

I have failed miserably finding myself a partner – and I am TOTALLY taking the blame. Despite my utterly strong intuition, me – as well as many – rather choose excitement over safety. Until you find yourself hurt because he was just another inconsiderate assh*le. The point is that nice guys somewhat have a bad rap. (No, I’m not talking about self-proclaimed “nice guys” who use politeness as currency for sex – I mean actual kind men).

It’s really a shame, considering that truly nice guys are actually hubby material. Nonetheless, they’re almost always ignored or turned down, overlooked and unwanted. Instead, women will go for the badass – the jerk. A woman will go for the “man of mystery” who will never let her get close enough to truly know. Once we mature and realize what is and isn’t important in life and in a relationship, the nice guy will suddenly become infinitely more appealing. But until then, we actually don’t know shit. And here’s why >>

Girls think that the badass is the diamond in the rough…

…until they realize that “badass” usually translates into “jackass.”
And boy oh boy, are there so MANY jackasses in this world. Women, like men, want excitement in their lives. Women also want someone rare, unique and special. Everybody does. People want what others don’t have because they make them feel special. And since Mom and Dad managed to convince us we’re special, we expect to stay that way. Women don’t want the nice guy because “nice” sounds a lot like “average.” It’s good, not great; fine, not amazing. Or, at least, that’s how most of us feel. However, after meeting and dating enough men, most women will realize one thing: It’s much easier to find a jackass. Unfortunately, this realization usually comes after years and years of dating assh*les and turning down the nice guys. But nice guys get turned down so often that they start to believe being a badass is the way to go. Same goes out to women, the nice ones will eventually turn into bitches after yet meeting another douchebag – as I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

The nice guy is the one girls will seek once they’ve made enough mistakes.

In times of Tinder – forget about personality. You’re supposed to decide, by looking only at a couple of photos and some generic information, whether or not you are interested in someone. If you think about it, it’s actually really ludicrous; nonetheless it’s really hard to find the person that is compatible to you. So, briefly talking, dating anno 2016 is so superficial – and the volume is so big – that you start jumping in the ocean of love and finding yourself rejecting the people you aren’t meant to date. You will undoubtedly learn more about yourself, what you like and don’t like. The risk you took or the mistakes you made, and after experiencing a HEAP of failures – I can guarantee you that you will start playing safe again.

When the nice guy is surprisingly spontaneous and exciting after all

Women assume that jerks will make for a more exciting relationship. And, to be completely honest, this is often the case. Sometimes nice guys are a bit too nice. They’re guessing that kindness is something all women want. But that’s not true – no one wants ‘just’ that. Everyone wants to feel more. We want to be intrigued and surprised. I completely agree that the badass guys make a more exciting relationship – but this definitely NOT in a positive way. The assh*le will make you feel bad about yourself and convince you that what you’re feeling is love, when in reality it’s far from it. So what’s the point?

I genuinely believe that any relationship can be exciting – the good kind of exciting – and YES, even with the nice guy. Once he’s at ease and opens up, you will undoubtedly unfold his wittiness and other great qualities. Thus, for all relationships: you need to work – as what you give is what you get, and it’s not just up to the fellas to make the relationship more exciting. We are also responsible for putting effort in sculpturing the relationship into something fun and beautiful!

As always, xx V.

Picture by: Visual Creature



6 October 2016

Summer glow, velvet skies

 The bloom of summerlight – it makes me feel romantic, like lovers wandering through the limelight of Paris. For the ones that know me, my style is usually inspired by my mood. And lately I have been feeling utterly flourished, this often calls for a minimal style with a feminine touch.

53Off shoulders are hotter than ever, the contrast of elegant and sexy portraits something indulging. Sophisticated. I fell in love with this striped black and white jumpsuit as soon as I laid my eyes on it. The cold shoulder combined with the lines – reflects a chic yet playful look – making this one-piece suitable for many occasions. A fun rendezvous or simply a posh night out with the girls! To me, the jumpsuit on its own felt quite monotone – so I added some playful colours in there! That’s more like me, especially with the warm summer colours – yellow and orange. And lastly, the statement earrings – I just simply couldn’t resist the dainty turquoise colour!

2fbWishing you all an utmost stunning day!

TOPSHOP Jumpsuit & Earrings

NEWLOOK Heeled Wedges | CHLOÉ Marcie Python Bag

Pictures by: Visual Creature


Never Settle: If He Doesn’t Blow You Away, Here’s Why:

1 October 2016

Only once in my life, I’d been crazily – head over heels – in love with a guy. He made my wings fly, it was like being in a dream – but it was actually real. Every cheesy love song or beautiful poem, I could relate to every single word. But such like many; it was my ‘one that got away’, sadly. The one you thought you would spend your future with. After that, my whole being changed and ever since; there haven’t been many people who can blow me away.

Now three years later, I’ve learned to be independent and I’ve grown to appreciate relying on just myself. Being alone strengthens you, and it allows for a particular sort of drive: the drive to live your life in a particular way that only you can construct. Being single seems to define “freedom.” But freedom is overrated. We like the idea of having no responsibilities – until we realize that a life without responsibility has no purpose. If there is one thing I can tell you guys about my experience in love; it’s that if you find a mediocre partner and have a mediocre love, and you’ll find yourself with a mediocre life. But if you find a partner that makes you feel alive, gets the best out of you and challenges you, you will have a fantastic love, and an AMAZING life.

“When it isn’t the one – you’ll always be looking for something better”

People are restless; you’ll be looking for greener grass before you know it. Especially in 2016 where the options are endless – and finding the ‘perfect’ one often seem impossible. What I’ve noticed around me is that people settle for what feels safe – they treat them right, but there are no real butterflies. And yes, the social pressure is real, especially for (Asian) women. Sometimes settling is an acceptable option, if you realize that the chances of finding someone greater aren’t worth risking the possibility of being alone. So what happens if you settle too soon? You reap what you sow, one day and you’ll admit to yourself that your choice was not enough to make you happy. Being together with someone shouldn’t only be steady and bearable. They should be synergistic and improving your quality of life. Honestly, life will end one day – things won’t always be easy, because that’s life. And when it’s ticking towards the end, the only thing keeping you sane is the person you’re sharing your life with.

“If your partner doesn’t blow you away, it isn’t real”

Being blown away is subjective and personal. If your partner doesn’t inspire and amaze you, you’ll come to realize that you don’t need him or her in your life. You don’t need the smartest, sexiest, most incredible individual. You don’t need the person everyone’s chasing. You don’t need someone who’s perfect; you need someone that’s perfect for you. You need someone who will make you feel most like yourself – not the self that you parade in front of the rest of the world, but the person you know yourself to be. Someone who appreciates you for who you really are — and, just as importantly, loves you through all of it.



“Life is too short to settle for something less than spectacular”

So, you’ve experiences a loving relationship before. You start dating again and you’ve figured that your date doesn’t blow you away, it’s unlikely you’ll be willing to settle. In fact, if you aren’t blown away by someone, you won’t be capable of falling in love with him or her. That’s what love is. I believe love catches you by surprise, and when you encounter it – you will be shocked how right it feels, right from the start. Acknowledge it and be devoted – appreciate it. If this isn’t the case, accept that something is missing and move on. It’s best not to waste time, as you never know how much of it you have. But when you look at your partner and understand that you’ve found the missing piece, then you, my friend, are one of the luckiest individuals in the world.

I can promise you all one thing – whenever you meet him or her, they will undoubtedly rock your world. You will be blown away like there is no tomorrow. And it’s going to be incredible. Just be patient!

As always,
xo xo V.



27 September 2016

J O Y.

“She danced until the sun came up – her hair was wild, as her velvet lips marked the cigarette she smoked. Her being was tied together with a whisky filled mind and a mouth hollow from one too many cigarettes. A dainty mess, but how raw she was. Humming – singing songs of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash as her lips would gently curl up.”

How excited I am to share my new chapter with you guys, finally after writing for several years I am going to pursuit my dream of writing a novel. I can’t believe it, as I’m surprising myself with it (!) – never thought of becoming a writer when I was a kiddo. Yet, the beautiful way of writing stories, selecting the perfect words, intrigue me – makes me fall in love. A little spoiler above. My book will be a modern philosophical roman – reflecting the rawness of love and life. Any inspiration is welcome, so if you have a mindblowing story – please don’t hesitate to message me! :)) Everything is more then welcome! ♡

2 Todays outfit is undoubtedly one of my favourite looks! This one piece is so extremely convenient, especially when I’m in a rush or lacking inspiration. It’s both chic and sophisticated due to the flared legs and the accentuated waistline. Also when it comes to navy, it’s always good. I’ve once written an article about how people percept you – this inspired by the colour you’re wearing. So, apparently if you wear navy – you look trustworthy and reliable. Sounds like a win-win situation if you ask me! To make my outfit more fun I’m wearing a choker that matches beautifully with my burgundy red bag! And shoes? Well, as ALWAYS – killer stiletto’s ;))


Wishing you all a stunning day!

ZARA Jumpsuit & Heels | MICHAEL KORS Daniella Bag

Pictures by: Visual Creature