Science say: Couples who get drunk together stay (LONGER) together

30 August 2016

YALLA! Let’s hang the flags out, because there is AMAZING news. I’m pleating guilty for this matter, not that I’m an alcoholic but I sure enjoy my drunken – fearless, alter ego ‘Bonnie’ (apparently my new nickname). I become extremely jovial and carefree, the thing is – after a long day, a glass of wine alleviate stress, soften socially awkward situations, and it might even help you to lose weight. Win-win situation if you ask me. But now researchers are claiming it can even make your marriage happier, healthier, and longer-lasting. So, what’s the story?

In a study published in the Journals of Gerontology: Psychology Sciences, couples who drank together stayed together longer. Reuters reports that after surveying nearly 3,000 couples that had been married for an average of 33 years, researchers found that couples who drank together were better off than those marriages where only one partner drank. What’s more, couples where one person does all the drinking were much more prone to marital problems — especially if the woman was the one boozing while her husband sat by, sober. “We’re not sure why this is happening,” study author Dr. Kira Birditt of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor told Reuters Health, “but it could be that couples that do more leisure time activities together have better marital quality.” Sounds like some pretty good relationship goals. However, when neither parties drink the chances of a good marriage is also very much guaranteed. But perhaps just a little bit less fun!

So guys, I am TOTALLY signing up to be drunk in love. Plus, I believe that it’s important to be compatible with your partner in crime and to have CRAZY fun together, just like Bonnie and Clyde. Fall in love with the person who enjoys your madness. Not an idiot who forces you to be normal!

wine-how-classy-people-get-wasted-funny-poster (1)

Time to pop some bottles love birds!

Picture by: Anne van Luin Photography


A letter to myself

24 July 2016

I believe serendipity is the favorite word of my best friend. Translated – to not look nor seek for things that you are longing for, as lot will find you. Not that you don’t genuinely deserve it, but at times hope can truly be a destructive thing, so let’s free fall and let luck be on your side. Sometimes when you want something – expect something – there is a distinctive greed that you’re unaware of. And without noticing you will find yourself in a typhoon, a voracity spiral, wanting more and more. What I always wonder is «are we reflecting ourselves to the tension and complexities of our contemporary society.» Well, who knows?

As I’ve blown my 24 candles, I’d came to realize – one of the most important thing in life is to not always wanting to know why. How and why certain things happen, why people behaved the way that they did – or why things didn’t work out. The harder you think, the little less you actually know, you tend to fill it in with your own perception – as life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts. Leaving the retro perspective: simply black and white. Life is actually really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. If you live long enough, you’ll make mistakes. But if you learn from them, you’ll be a better person. It’s how you handle adversity, not how it affects you. The main thing is to not be too harsh on yourself, but to thrive and to be bold. Never miss an opportunity to let your brilliance shine and dazzle. Take that chance. Accept the challenge, or if the challenge doesn’t arise, make it your own challenge.

I believe that everything you can dream of – if only you set your mind to it – can become reality. Don’t settle for mediocrity, find a dream and pursue it. You are the main character of your own book; make it worthwhile as you might surprise yourself with hidden talents. Life is far from perfect, and you will fall a hundred or a million of times. I’ve heard many no’s – got knocked over by past friendships, relationships, desired jobs. But I’ve never stopped and always pulled myself up by my bootstraps. You need to because no one else will do it for you. And even though, at that time everything felt gloomy, you need to remember – when it’s the right time, things will fall perfectly in place.

It’s crazy when they say: when you get older you get wiser. And no, I am not old but that myth is so true. And realizing that will only make you value the elderly more. We can’t plan life, life just happens. All we can do is to be available for it. Have a genuine interest in all the little details of daily life, appreciate them – there might just lay the secret of happiness.

As always,
xo xo V.


Neta Lee

22 July 2016

I am – often ends with an adjunctive. “I am Vivien” or “I am a writer”, when saying this you are stating the obvious. But when you only say – I am – you can be everything you decide to be. Which I deeply believe you can, positive thinking is more than just a tagline. What we think, we become. It changes the way we behave. When I am positive, it not only makes me better, but it also makes those around me better. Sounds like a good begin of the week right?

532Being classy is when you have everything to flaunt, yet you choose not to – that’s when you look refined and sophisticated. Lately I have been obsessed with good trousers – high waist, skinny fit, flared – you name it. I take it! The urbane yet chic look of it is suitable for many occasions, whether it’s posh or casual. As the summer light is giving us golden glows and romantic vibes. It was time to get my white-laced crop top out and to match it with some fun stripes! Some turquoise earrings to give it some extra character and of course, my snake print killerheels!

4Wishing you all an utmost beautiful day!

VINTAGE Earrings | MICHAEL KORS Bradshaw Watch

ZARA Pantalon & Shoes | Pictures by: Visual Creature


My ultimate #BUCKETLIST

1 June 2016

I feel like time has been sneaking out on me – stealing my years with the speed of light. As the last four years felt like a wink of an eye, I decided to make a bucket list for myself – as I live by the motto: live fast, die young. You never know as today is a gift and tomorrow might be a mystery.

I’d rather have an extraordinary life filled with crazy memories then playing safe and living the mediocrity. Like they say: “It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.” I crave adventure and adrenaline as it fulfils my lust in life. Everyone dies, but not everyone lives – how I would blame myself if I’m old and regret all the things I didn’t do. I want to smile like there is no tomorrow, and cry like there is no tomorrow. Learn new hobbies and not care if I make a fool out of myself, as long as I laughed and was witty enough to be me. Knowing that I am able to dream opens up my perspective – to look further than where I am today and to know that life is full of surprises; ones that I am sure will knock me off of my feet. Are you guys ready to read my most epic 30 bucket list points? Here they go >>

  1. Be in the Guinness Book of Records with a talent I haven’t discover yet
  2. Crowd surfing from an INSANE stage and not break a bone
  3. Get a tattoo right under my boobs, RIRI style
  4. Go diving and make a #selfie with a fish (and tag him on Facebook with the name Fred)
  5. Going to ‘Burning Men’ and totally live like a nomad
  6. Purchase my DREAM car, a1959 Cadillac de Ville and be total BADASS
  7. Learn the African tribe dance and attend a tribe wedding
  8. Write a science fiction book that hopefully will become a bestseller
  9. Skydiving – doesn’t matter where, as long as I do it before I’m too old
  10. Spending a day on a rented Airbnb Island (if that exist)
  11. I would LOVE to learn how to drum like a true master – think: Metallica
  12. Jump off a waterfall and scream – Hakuna matata
  13. Grow my hair until my bottom and cut it off to give to charity
  14. Bathe in the style of Dagobert Scrooge McDuck ($$$)
  15. Climb the Kilimanjaro and pretend like I am not dying
  16. Learn to read the stars and then give the brightest one a name
  17. Have cooking class and become the best wife/ chef EVER
  18. Men. I would so totally love to sleep in an igloo
  19. Record a song and make the most epic video clip to show my grandchildren
  20. Always wanted to cave my name in a tree, you know like Pocahontas
  21. Adopt a child from distance and provide him or her a bright future
  22. Cliff jumping somewhere beautiful when sunset hits
  23. View the beauty of earth in a spaceship from space
  24. Tossing pizza dough in the air like a true BOSS
  25. Make my own signature cocktail and call it “Vivi la vida loca”
  26. Dress up like a men for a day and pretend like I am Don Draper
  27. Fly through Amsterdam with a Jetpack AND helmet – like Ironmen but cooler (!)
  28. Drop everything and move to Hawaii to become an English teacher
  29. Eat, pray and love. Somewhere in Myanmar – become a shaolin monk and be totally ZEN
  30. Have my own talk show one day so I can tell the whole audience that they are getting a free car – Oprah Winfrey style

As always, much love,
xo xo V.


Ivy Grey

26 May 2016

As I wondered through a valhalla of vintage today – the feeling of bliss hit me – it felt like a getaway. While browsing through many scruffy things I knew I would find a stunner of an item somewhere. For the ones that know me well, I adore everything that is retro – my close friends usually joke about me being born in the wrong time. Which is actually very true, as then I started to question myself – why do I like it so much? I think this reflects the first sentence beautifully, it feels like a getaway – you can clock yourself out of 2016 and flee to a place, which was full of character. Where songs had meanings – women were upon exquisite and no one was scared to die of one too many Lucky Strikes. As sorrows would be rinsed away with a glass of Old Fashioned on ice and everyone was dressed upon dainty. How could you not love the raw yet perfect image of that?

443333Killer gladiator heels! I am still totally convinced that these are my big-time combat shoes. If I would ever end up in a scene like ‘Bad Blood’ (T-Swift) these would be the perfect shoes to prosecute my Chuck Norris flying kick with. Ha! More about that next time! Todays outfit is actually very simple, a knitted pearl grey turtleneck – long enough to wear as a dress or with a stunning pair of flared trousers. It’s so modest yet so flawless, definitely one of my favourite pieces! To match the pastel palette I have chose for an easy crème coloured tote bag. Also because the shoes are already so outspoken, I didn’t wanted to overdo it – and final little detail: the perfect pair of vintage earrings from my mother.

33Wishing you all a beautiful day, don’t forget to smile!

TOPSHOP Turtleneck | MISSGUIDED Gladiator Heels

MICHAEL KORS Colette Watch | TIFFANY & CO. Bracelet

CÉLINE Belt Bag | Pictures by: Visual Creature


The Difference Between Needing A Man And Wanting One

11 May 2016

“Always be the woman a man needs, not the woman who needs a man.”

Men are like cars; before you can drive one, you have to be of certain sound, mind and age. You need a permit before a license, and you need a stable sense of self before a relationship. Nowadays there are too many women who have relationships to find their self-worth – they look for acknowledgement and confirmation. Truth is, it’s the other way around. “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” It’s about accepting yourself through all your flaws and think “I am imperfectly perfect”, because that is exactly what you are. Never let anyone make you think differently about that! As soon as you realize that, you will become a valued partner and individual.

The difference between a woman who needs a man and a woman who wants a man is simple: one woman thinks a man is the answer to all her problems, and the other woman solves her own problems. And that divide is what changes everything >>

Needing a man is when you’re lonely; wanting a man is when you’re ready

Loneliness is the breeding ground of bad decisions. You’ll always find wrong men on the wrong side of longing.

Needing a man is when you’ll take anyone; wanting a man is when you’ll only take the right one

Settling is what you do when you’d rather be with the wrong person than with no one at all.

Needing a man is about needing validation; wanting a man is about giving it

Only a woman who is complete with herself can work on completing someone else.

Needing a man is needing control in your life; wanting a man is about letting go of some that control

The problems that occur in every relationship are when a woman is trying to use a man as the solution, instead of realizing he’s the problem.

Needing a man is doing anything for him; wanting a man is letting him do stuff with you

There’s a difference between letting a man enter your world and trying to become his entire one. A weak woman enters a man’s world; a strong one creates her own.

Needing a man is destructive; wanting a man is restorative

When you need something, it’s usually because you can’t handle not having it. That inability to be without it is what causes all the problems once you get it.

Needing a man is asking to be a doormat; wanting a man is refusing to step through any doors — or hoops

Men prey on desperate women. They bow down to confident ones.

Needing a man is spending the entire week obsessing over him; wanting a man is seeing him that week

A mature woman understands the difference between an obsession and an attraction. She also is usually getting the mid-week hang out text.

Needing a man is passive; wanting a man is active

A woman who wants a man goes out and finds him. A woman who needs a man just complains about how much she needs one.

Needing a man is giving up all your power; wanting a man is powerful

It’s okay to want someone. Humans are conditioned for companionship. When you can find a man and keep your level of powers equal, then you know you’re in it for the right reasons.

Needing a man is just an excuse; wanting a man is when you’ve figured everything out

You need a lot of other things before you need a man. When a man is the solution to your life, then clearly your life isn’t ready to be solved yet.



29 April 2016

You know what one of the greatest gift is that you can give yourself? To forgive – it’s like setting a prisoner free and discovering that the prisoner was you. I rather be hurt and to forgive then hurting someone and needing to ask for forgiveness. Be lavish in your acts and be kind, only then true happiness will be allocated genuinely back to you. Surround yourself with beautiful people – ones who have a deeper understanding of life and are compassionate.

My closest friends are the most beautiful people I know – and they are from all kinds of backgrounds: gay, Muslim, black or other nationalities. All with a very unique character – some are very intellectual, other more creative – some dreamers. But how I always feel so rewarded being around them, as they motivate me, encourage me and lastly: inspire me. It’s all about the inside. Let the narrow-minded ones be vain, filter them. As long as you always stay close to yourself – and don’t ever let this hard world tackle you in whom you believe you are! #Orlando

3 copystrongTodays outfit is flourishing, it’s playful and it has all the indications of being who ever the FU*K you want to be. A nomad, a free fighter, a feminist – whomever! I’m wearing a sophisticated navy blue jumpsuit with a haltered neckline, little strap around the waist to enhance the silhouette. To give the outfit some more character I have combined it with a passionate red poncho – and yes! Let’s go for some colour blocking with the heels. Yellow is making its comeback this summer, so I got my sun coloured heels out! It’s a real day-to-night outfit as you can lie in the sun with it – but also have a nice dinner in the evening with it!

22Wishing you all a beautiful weekend!

VINTAGE Jumpsuit | H&M Coachella Collection Poncho 

RIVER ISLAND Earrings | MICHAEL KORS Lexington Watch 

Pictures by: Visual Creature


Appreciating things that didn’t work out in life

28 April 2016

I had came to realize. Many things in my life didn’t work out the way I have planned for myself. Life – the most ugly and most beautiful thing in the universe. By nature, all living things are imperfect. Every living thing meets its end sooner or later – even the universe itself will tear apart and, one day, die.

I have lived my life by constantly making mistakes, constantly faltering and changing the path and directions of life. And yes, I have screwed it up, immensely, deeply and hurtfully. It’s failing miserably over and over again that will allow you to succeed. It’s struggling and losing that will allow you to prosper and find happiness.

Everything in your life must have happened in order for you to exist – every single, little thing. You would not be the exact same person if any of your past experiences were different. The greatest moments of clarity in your life will come when you look back at your journey and conclude that it was all-necessary and that it’s all beautiful.


That moment you realize if you hadn’t failed miserably, you would have never learned your lesson.

People fail all the time – often failing multiple times at the very same things. Failing is one of the greatest things in the world, as it reminds us how imperfect we are. It reminds us how much we need to learn in order to become the people we wish to be.

Some of your largest failures in life will become your greatest assets. Some day you will realize that if you had never failed, then you would have never succeeded.


That moment you realize that a broken heart has changed your life forever.

A broken heart – what can I say? I haven’t been the same person ever since. It changed the fabric of my being and I have turned into an entirely different person.

A broken heart is one of the most emotionally debilitating experiences in the world, just a matter of time until you fall into uncountable broken pieces, these which will built your empire. Turning you into this independent power woman, you never experienced yourself to be. It can be a brutal misery, but believe me when I tell you that it’s a necessary one.


That moment you realize your “dream job” was never really your dream job.

It takes some people longer than others to arrive at their purpose in life. Because what exactly is your purpose in life? To become successful and rich or have an ordinary life but feeling immensely happy? What is it that we as human beings crave for? And in which proportions do we feel satisfied and content?

I had my PR internship working for Tiffany & Co. and M.A.C. Cosmetics, and though it was more than I could ever wish for. It crossed my mind: was this the so-called dream job? Experiencing that moment of realization, was something empowering, because you know that there is something more, something greater, waiting for us.


That moment you realize your best friends aren’t your friends at all.

Throughout life, we go through more friends than we go through pairs of jeans. Most of the people we once thought would be there to support us will one day abandon ship and leave us to drown.

Realizing that someone who you thought was your good friend is actually no friend at all is one of the most important lessons of your life. You’ll realize that it’s better not to have any friends at all than to have impostors. And those friends who are your true friends you’ll learn to appreciate even more.


That moment you realize your world just fell apart entirely, and you’re still standing.

Life is incredibly complex – I’m not even talking about life as a whole, but each of our personal lives. There are so many aspects and so many details that make up who we are as individuals that it can be nearly impossible to hold everything together.

I got to be honest – life is just way too hard at times and sometimes things are meant to fall apart and break. Sometimes the life you are leading is so far from the life you are meant to be living that losing everything is the only way you can make it out on top.

The moment you realize that not even loss itself can stop you, that sadness, despair, anger and fear cannot hold you back, is the moment you become perfect. Perfectly flawed, but perfect nonetheless.

Pictures by: Visual Creature


Amber Gold

19 April 2016

“What is your favourite colour” – he asked, which undoubtedly I answered: sunset orange. The little things in life are the ones that captivate you, like a beautiful flourished colour or the dusk of sunset. As retro is making it’s big-time comeback, I couldn’t subdue myself but to be extremely nostalgic. I believe it was the 60s when Flower Power was making its movement – noted: young people in the 1960s and 1970s that opposed war and encouraged people to love each other. I believe that there are flowers for thus who want to see them, as one person’s weed is another person’s wildflower. Like wildflowers; you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would.

6Flared legs, flowered with a butterfly waist knot– topped with garnished jasmine lace. Todays outfit is a reflection of my personality: lively, joyful, a bit quirky and very individual. I think it’s important to wear the clothes, and don’t let the clothes wear you. Very cliché, I know. But again, as I quote from Oscar Wilde «Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.»

Matched with the flourished trousers, I have chosen an electric blue pair of heels, to give it the needed colour boost – escaping the tedium. To make the Austin Powers picture complete I have thrown some gold embellishment in the details – because hey, who doesn’t like those statement earrings?

VC_20160409_0190_5531-RecoveredHope you guys enjoyed todays look!

ZARA Top Wide-leg pants Stilettos 

MICHAEL KORS Lexington Watch Miranda Bag (different colour)

BARONG BARONG Bracelet | Pictures by: Visual Creature



12 April 2016

If I could choose one superman power, I would totally love to travel in time. How my heart skips a beat every time my eyes cross those old classic cars – like a Mustang or a Cadillac from the 50s. That’s probably my dream car a 1959 Cadillac de Ville, with tailfins, stunning windshields, perfectly polished in metallic pink. How I would cruise around in it, let’s say in 1965 along the seaside with Johnny Cash or Billie Holiday on the background, singing along and enjoying whatever life had to offer. Not to forget how incredibly rebellious women were back then – feministic, sassy, sophisticated and upon elegant. It intrigues my old soul, and how ecstatic I feel that the fashion that is passing our revue right now is reflecting my favorite retro looks.

32Someone once called me the queen of the jumpsuits. I just can’t get over the simplicity yet stylish look of it. I adore it, plus it saves you a lot of time in the morning to think of any outfit combinations. Win-win situation if you ask me. Todays outfit is very 50s, as it’s sexy, sassy and very elegantly due to the deep V and neckline. Plus no one will ever go wrong with a burgundy color as chic is written all over it! To give the outfit the needed character I’ve combined it with a pair of color blocking white and yellow stilettos. Finishing touch: some dazzling orange earrings, just because it’s my all-time favorite color!

4Hope you guys enjoyed todays look, have a beautiful day!

TOPSHOP Jumpsuit & Earrings | ZARA Stilettos 

MICHAEL KORS Lexington Watch | BARONG BARONG Bracelet

Pictures by: Visual Creature