Simple is the new black

23 October 2014

I have some very interesting nicknames and one of them is tornado. I feel very exposed telling this but yes I take about one hour every morning to get ready! Well, 45 minutes if I go fully tornado! Usually when I am in a rush I tend to go for a casual chic look with dark colours. Therefor I think this black-on-black outfit is very suitable.

The high waist trouser is made of a very light fabric this makes it very comfortable to wear. When first looking at it, the trousers look very elegant and chic but when you look more closely the detailing on the waist makes it slightly sporty. The thing with black-on-black is that you need to be careful not to make your outfit look boring. So to match these trousers I have combined it with a sleeveless turtleneck crop top. This makes the look more edgy and cool.


VC_20141007_0427_6400 copy

You can wear a black jacket/coat with this outfit but you need to choose wisely before it looks monotonous. To spice it up for example you can wear a black jacket with different textures;  furry details; peplum silhouette; fringes or a belt. Everything is possible and you can make it as badass as you want!

I have chosen for a printed black/ white motor jacket with leather shoulder pads on the front. There is so much happening on this jacket, that the outfit gets a boost and an immediate different look. To finish this look I have put my fierce red lipstick and killer stiletto’s on. Hope you guys like it!

PRADA Sunglasses / MANGO Jacket / RIVER ISLAND Croptop / ZARA Trousers /

ZARA Stilettos / M.A.C Lipstick Brave Red

Pictures by: Visual Creature

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  • Janel 23 October 2014 at 13:38

    very stylish.. I like :)