Take Your Time: If Your Life Is ‘Perfect’, You’ve Got Nowhere To Go

26 October 2017
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Last night my mind went wild – this created an interesting new thought.

Ok, yes, it could have been because of my medium-to-heavy drinking. My utterly bad lifestyle, stress from university, and so on – yet I stand by my conclusion even during my hangover today.

So, my booze-epiphany – booziphany, if you will – was this: Human beings are meant to suffer. We’re meant to live difficult lives. Yes, some lives are objectively more difficult than others. But even the people we perceive as living “the good life” have problems.

The moment we find comfort in our daily routine is the moment we get bored, and somewhat attract drama to balance it. Off course this isn’t for everyone but as we need to believe Paulo Coelho, it is a fancy matter for the majority of us. Now, we need to be careful with how we define suffering. I am not talking about the physical pain, nope. We are talking about the suffering individuals create for themselves. Forget about killing their livers with bottles of whisky’s. People will forever suffer simply because suffering is in their nature – they will find a way to pity themselves, just a way to feel the anguish.

Most of our suffering comes from everyday disappointments, friction in our relationships, and the occasional unpleasant surprise that life manages to toss at us. Some of you will argue that these sorts of things shouldn’t even be called suffering. You’re right. We would be better off if we didn’t allow the most trivial things to cause us pain. But who are we kidding? We’ll always be bothered by little things, like not being able to find a parking spot and arriving late to work, or waking up and being disappointed that the weatherman got it wrong again. (It’s not warm and sunny; it’s cold and wet.)

People get excited when they imagine their expectations being met. When it doesn’t happen, they’re disappointed. But what you need to understand is that we will always find a way to suffer – no matter how many issues we solve, how comfortable we make ourselves, or how calm our lives become. We experience the world relatively. Anything is only as good or as bad as everything else that we’ve already experienced. Because you consider your personal reality to be the only one of importance, your lows are bad only because they’re your experience of what “low” is. The same goes for your highs.

If your life were perfect, you’d have nowhere to go in life. You’d have nothing that you felt you needed to do or accomplish. You’d have no needs or wants. Sure – without the idea of perfection, you couldn’t suffer. But perfection is impossible, and suffering is inevitable. But here’s the good news: You’ll be fine. You’ll manage. You’ll live your life and, as long as you’re wise, you’ll live it well and happy.

As always, xx V.

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